4 Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Is The Most Qualified To Be President

I was challenged by someone on Twitter today to explain why Hillary Clinton is qualified to be president, without mentioning her Republican opponent once. I was hoping for a challenge, but when it comes to her qualifications, that isn’t going to be very hard to do.

Before I get jumped on by Gary Johnson or Jill Stein supporters (which happens all the time), I do not consider either of them to be legitimate contenders. I will say that I would vote for Gary Johnson, even though I disagree with him, because he isn’t a flaming idiot like Hillary’s other opponents. Jill Stein has never held any political office of any significance, and her dog whistles to anti-science lefties and anti-semitic conspiracy fanatics is of great concern to me.

I’m also a Bernie Sanders supporter who voted for him in the primaries and donated to his campaign. But like Bernie, I’m behind Hillary Clinton now, because she is the best remaining choice.

With those explanations out of the way, here are my five reasons why Hillary Clinton is the most qualified candidate in 2016, and why I am voting for her.

4. Hillary Clinton has the best chance of winning. Gary Johnson and Jill Stein couldn’t even make it to the poll percentage needed to make it to the debates. I agree with both on some issues, but I learned my lesson after voting for Ralph Nader in 2000 – the time when I was a member of the Green Party for a few months.

3. Hillary Clinton has the most experience in government. I know some people believe that Washington needs a change, and who better to change it than someone who knows it as well as she does? Let me ask you this, if you’re dissatisfied with the way your tech business is being run, do you replace the CEO with someone who has no idea to turn on a computer, or who claims WiFi is possibly dangerous to children? No, you find someone who is qualified and can make the changes needed to turn things around. Nobody is more familiar with Republican dirty tricks than Hillary Clinton, since she has been the target of their attacks for decades.

2. Hillary Clinton has been working for women and children for years. Despite all of the propaganda and lies about the Clinton Foundation, it is a highly rated charity that has done a great deal of good for people all around the world. Hillary Clinton cares about lifting people out of poverty and has a track record of doing so, unlike her opponents.

1. If you want to continue the strong economy and job growth we have experienced under Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton is your woman. As a senator and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton knows what it takes to run a government for the 99%. Out of all of the candidates, she is the only one who cares about the working class, and has a legitimate plan to make America an even better place for us to live in.

For my Bernie Sanders fans, I understand that some of you are still sore that he wasn’t the Democratic nominee. However, he has pledged to work with her and is supporting her campaign now that the primaries are over.

There will be people who tell you both major parties are the same. Those people are either politically naive, or lying to you. Consider the fact that decades of GOP trickle-down economics have only made the rich even richer, while the working class and middle class continues to struggle.

Hillary Clinton can continue President Obama’s legacy, but only if you turn out to vote in November, and kick out Republicans all the way down the ballot.



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Manny Schewitz is a progressive and registered Democrat currently living in Lafayette, Louisiana. He is a co-founder of Modern Liberals and an unapologetic liberal who supports gun regulations, abortion rights, and Bernie Sanders. Manny is on Facebook, Instagram and you can follow him on Twitter as well.
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