Alex Jones Says Bernie Sanders Supporters Deserve To Have Their “Jaws Broken”

alex_jones_obama_terroristFox News and other members of the conservative media aren’t the only ones finally realizing that Bernie Sanders is a very real political threat. Over the past few weeks, Sanders has made a surge in national polls, barely lost in Iowa and is expected to win New Hampshire tonight.

Alex Jones from Infowars is also completely apoplectic about the idea of Bernie Sanders. He took to his show to warn his viewers about the threat Sanders poses to America, and stated that his supporters deserve to be punished with physical violence.

Via Right Wing Watch:

“You need to have your jaws broken,” Jones said. “But don’t you worry, reality is going to crash in on you trash who lowered our defenses, who brought the republic down. Oh, we’re already gone and you celebrate it like you’ve joined the globalists, mounting America’s head on the wall, your great victory.”

Jones then depicted Sanders and his “pathetic scum” supporters as mentally disabled, before arguing that Sanders voters are “the ultimate chumps, the ultimate buffoons, the ultimate schmucks” who will “burn in the camps.” (Source)

The fact that Alex Jones used the phrase “schmucks” and referenced concentration camps are not a coincidence. On both the far left and the far right, there exists a deep pool of anti-Jewish hatred. This is explained by the “Horseshoe theory” which states that both political extremes are closer to each other in ideology than they are from the political center.

Although many people on the left think Alex Jones is a nutcase, the fact is that he has a devoted audience on both tips of the political horseshoe – and many of them are invested in the anti-Jewish
conspiracies that Jones and others propagate for profit. Other organizations like Spirit Science peddle a less-virulent version of Infowars’ conspiracy nonsense, but the hatred lies just below the surface disguised as anti-Zionism.

Also consider the fact that Donald Trump has praised Alex Jones and used a claim by Infowars to back his own that Muslims in the New York area celebrated the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Like Donald Trump, I don’t believe Alex Jones subscribes to much of his own rhetoric. However, both of them know that there is a large and profitable audience out there who want to blame someone else for their problems – and what better target than a religious minority?

Tie the suspicion of Jews in with rabid conservative misunderstanding of democratic socialism, then add Alex Jones, and you have a recipe for violence. Trump and Jones both know their audience. They both know unhinged individuals could take their shtick seriously and hurt someone, but they just don’t care.

Watch the video below via Right Wing Watch.



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    What a sick, fat, piece of excrement. I hope his jugular bursts during one of his insane tirades.

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