Ben Carson’s Insanely Stupid Comments On Slavery Are Why Trump Picked Him

Back when Ben Carson dropped out of the 2016 Republican primaries, I was pretty sure that he had exhausted the great well of stupid things he could possibly say. Finally, Ben Carson could be sent out to a ranch in Arizona and disappear from the public view, right?

Nope. You see, despite not knowing a damn thing about public housing or how to run it, Trump made him the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Ben Carson is about as qualified for that job as Trump is for his, but this is the Upside Down we’re living in now.

It shouldn’t have been a surprise then that Carson would mess up during his first day on the job, which is exactly what he did by referring to African slaves as “immigrants.”

Seriously, this isn’t some sensationalized clickbait quote taken out of context and spun for maximum views. Ben Carson actually said this.

I’m not exactly sure what this has to with his first day on the job at HUD to be honest with you. It does show the incredible incompetence and lack of qualified people that Trump is filling his administration with, and for good reason.

Trump isn’t trying to succeed as a president, he’s just trying to hold on for as long as he and his family can leverage the office for the most financial gain possible. Trump doesn’t need to appoint competent people, in fact, the more they slip up and do idiotic things, the less he has to do to distract the public.

While everyone has paid attention to Carson and other distractions today, Republicans introduced their replacement for Obamacare and Trump has continued to press the allegation that President Obama had wiretapped him.

That’s the Trump strategy, distract from the last scandal by creating something else outrageous for people to concentrate on, then replace that with yet another media frenzy like the one Carson created today.

Once the dust begins to settle on this one, there will be another outrage to replace it, I guarantee it.

Now. here are Ben Carson’s own words on video.



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