Bernie Sanders Supporters, This Isn’t Over Yet

Sanders rallies for a minimum wage hike. (Win McNamee/Getty)
Sanders rallies for a minimum wage hike. (Win McNamee/Getty)

Tonight, Hillary Clinton took Florida and Ohio. As I write this, Missouri and Illinois still haven’t been called, and Bernie Sanders is down, but not out. The odds are very much against him, but it’s not time to give up on Bernie Sanders considering the states the primaries go to after this.

To be honest with you, tonight was not good for Bernie Sanders, but let’s remember that Barack Obama was in a similar situation in 2008 against Hillary Clinton and she did not quit the race until June.

The Republican race looks like it will go to Donald Trump, and both Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton will likely beat him in the general election.

Regardless if Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee, I will vote for either versus Donald Trump or Ted Cruz. There is too much for us to lose to walk away from politics because our favorite candidate isn’t the nominee.

America with a GOP majority in Congress and Donald Trump or Ted Cruz in the White House would set back decades of progress, and set us up for further decades of conservative Supreme Court decisions. They will try to reverse Roe v. Wade and marriage equality, but only if we stand aside in apathy.

This is where I call on my fellow Bernie Sanders not to give up, but also to realize what is at stake beyond the Democratic convention. I understand if you do not like Hillary Clinton. Honestly, I am not a fan of her either. I registered as a Democrat in order to vote for Bernie Sanders in a state that Hillary Clinton won by a landslide. I did so knowing that she would win, but I did so in order to make a point and send a message to the national party.

However, blind allegiance to either candidate is a short-sighted strategy. I want Bernie Sanders to win, I’ve donated to his campaign multiple times, but walking away if he doesn’t leaves our country in the hands of a GOP-controlled Congress and a Cruz or Trump presidency that they will go along with on almost any issue.

It’s time for a gut check. Either Democratic candidate is far better than anything the GOP has to offer. Let’s not kid ourselves, the GOP has taken a dark and fascist turn, and we must stand up against it for the future of our country.



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