I Can’t Wait For Trump Supporters’ Butthurt When Hillary Clinton Is Elected

If the level of vitriol by the alt-right and other Donald Trump supporters towards Hillary Clinton and the left so far is any indication, election night should be a flood of Republican anger and tears. Remember how outraged they were when President Obama won the 2008 election in a landslide? Social media was still in its infancy back then, but I remember the freakout and the conspiracy stories about how Obama and the left stole the presidency from John McCain.

2012 was even more glorious as old, white conservatives discovered Facebook and smartphones. As the results rolled in, Karl Rove embarrassed himself on Fox News as he desperately tried to do math to make Republicans feel better about themselves. The conspiracies flew left and right, and GOP election parties turned into somber wakes as they watched the conservative media narratives about victory go down in flames.

2016 should be even better. Keep in mind that Republicans and Rush Limbaugh have been prosecuting their case against Hillary Clinton from the beginning of her husband’s presidency. The conservative media has promoted one conspiracy story after another long before she announced her candidacy, and Russian operatives even have tried to meddle in the election – likely on the behalf of Donald Trump.

The GOP has launched one investigation after another against Secretary Clinton, only to have those witch hunts end in humiliation. Donald Trump even promised that he would appoint a special prosecutor to go after her if he was elected, which is exactly what insecure dictators in third world countries do to protect their hold on power.

The conservative media already sees the writing on the wall, and they’re pivoting to being a voice of opposition to Hillary. It’s natural that a Democrat be in charge, because holding Republicans responsible for anything isn’t good for ratings. Not surprisingly, Glenn Beck has endorsed Hillary Clinton and his fans have naturally lost their minds. Just check out the responses to this Tweet from TheBlaze.

I’m really having a schadenfreude moment here, y’all – and we aren’t even to the election yet.

Naturally, I had to troll the angry mob, because there’s nothing like riling up a bunch of deplorables and sending them into a conspiracy frenzy.

I decided to take the day after the election off so I can stay up late and watch Trump’s deplorables try to do math to make themselves feel better, then go through the remaining steps of grief. I have the feeling acceptance is going to be very, very hard for many Trumpers – which will only make a Hillary Clinton presidency even more fun for us to witness.



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Manny Schewitz is a progressive and registered Democrat currently living in Lafayette, Louisiana. He is a co-founder of Modern Liberals and an unapologetic liberal who supports gun regulations, abortion rights, and Bernie Sanders. Manny is on Facebook, Instagram and you can follow him on Twitter as well.
  • Bananarama

    You were saying? I heard Clinton won?

  • Joos Did911

    Hahahahahaha. Who’s butthurt now? Stupid liberal POS idiots that ruined this country.

  • Altariasong

    How ironic. Hopefully once all the Democrats stop crying and the Republicans stop gloating we can all work together and try to fix this sinking ship we’re stuck with.

    • lostvyking


  • Simo Hayha

    So… How did your day off watching deplorables go?

  • richard1head

    how is the butthurt manny

  • Malcolm McDougal

    The hubris in this article was delicious.

  • OldOne5

    Good national butthurt day!

  • everylad

    So funny. So pathetic, even in 2017. Good riddance, long live the Trump revolution, I’m sure Hillary’s having a great time chasing down her runaway slaves.

  • David Smith

    I sure hope you enjoyed your time off? I sure enjoyed Nov 9!

  • Young Polyyy

    Hahahahhahahaha, this didn’t age well innit?

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