Conservative Trolls Are Dividing The Left For A Donald Trump Victory

Donald Trump 's distinctively coiffured hair sparks Social Networks to find the animals that look like the US Presidential hopeful. Cat owners brush their feline's hair forward or sometimes add fur to resemble the mighty republican's comb-over - other animals need no help, looking uncannily like the out-spoken New Yorker. / Source: INTERNET

This election cycle has been crazy, and we haven’t even got to the conventions yet. In the new era of social media, there have been opportunities for campaigns to connect with voters like never before. At our fingertips, there exists so much information, and so much of it is false or misleading.

Facebook has allowed anyone to gather a large following, and nobody has exploited this better than Donald Trump and the legion of trolls who support him. Bernie Sanders supporters had a collective aneurysm when “Correct The Record” publicly announced that they were spending money to fight back against anti-Hillary misinformation online. Yes, because nothing says a conspiracy like issuing a press release telling the world what you are doing.

For all of the moaning and kvetching over “Correct The Record” – the fact remains that there are far more sinister actions going on that the left isn’t paying attention to. One example is the effort by 4Chan trolls to pit Bernie Sanders supporters against Hillary Clinton supporters. While the troll campaign on Twitter didn’t pan out the way they hoped, all you have to do is go to Reddit and witness their success there.

In political subreddits, account after account posts anti-Hillary links from conservative or conspiracy websites which are upvoted to the front page daily both by trolls and the rabid Bernie supporters who are duped by them. The same thing happens on Facebook where pro-Bernie groups are also infested with fake profiles that spam the same stories.

Donald Trump can’t win against a united left, but he can win if enough people are convinced to stay home because their candidate isn’t on the ballot. This is why he encouraged Bernie Sanders to run as an independent and stated that the Democratic Party was unfair to Bernie.

You might ask how I know these thing about trolls, and the answer is that I have been trolling conservatives on Facebook for years. During the 2012 election, I spent countless hours annoying conservatives online, and this year is no exception.

If there are groups like “Correct The Record” publicly announcing their agenda, just imagine all of the secretive troll actions going on for the GOP and Donald Trump. It doesn’t matter whether you are for Hillary or Bernie, just please check and double-check the sources of your information before you accidentally pass on Republican bullshit.



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