Dear Christians: Enough! You Are Not The Victims Of Religious Persecution

religious persecution christiansAccording to a poll from Public Religion Research Institute and Brookings, 74% of Republicans and 77% of Donald Trump supporters believe religious persecution against Christians is a huge problem in America. 77% of white evangelical Christians believe they’re treated as badly as some of the same minority groups they tend to discriminate against.

That number is very telling of how out of touch and living within their own little bubble the GOP and the religious right are today. To hear them tell it, a Christian cannot go to a nightclub because they’re in fear for their life, or even have a funeral without being harassed by militant atheists holding signs celebrating the death of their loved ones. Oh wait, in the real world the rest of us live in, that’s the gay community which is still targeted by extremists from all three Abrahamic religions.

I don’t want progressive Christians to be offended by this. Trust me, this isn’t about those of you who manage to balance your faith with modern life, unlike Franklin Graham, James Dobson, or the hundreds of other right-wing pastors who do not live up to the biblical teachings of Christ. My issue is with those who sell a false narrative of religious persecution towards Christians in order to financially enrich themselves and/or gain political power.

Christians are not losing any personal freedoms. The only thing that they are losing is the ability they once had to persecute others in the name of their god and religious texts. In other words, they’re confusing a war on their religion with not being able to force their beliefs on others, as Jon Stewart once stated.

Via The Atlantic:

While it’s undeniably true that the country is becoming more accepting of cultural mores that are at odds with many conservative Christians’ teachings, it’s also not exactly right to say that conservative Christians are losing. The Supreme Court’s 2014 decision in Hobby Lobby was a strong defense of private business owners’ right of conscience, and state legislatures have successfully passed protections for religious people in recent sessions. The more important point is that these questions are now in play: More and more cases, legislation, and trends in public opinion are challenging the religious teachings and practices of conservative Christians.

In all of this, the standard caveats about polling apply. No single identity factor can explain why people answer surveys the way they do. Education, for example, makes a huge difference in how people responded to the question about discrimination against Christians: Only 38 percent of college-educated whites agreed that discrimination against Christians is a problem, compared to 62 percent of their working-class peers. (Source)

People who believe that Christians are the victims of religious persecution in the United States, or nearly anywhere else in the industrialized world, are delusional and/or being lied to. Built into fundamentalist/conservative Christianity is a conflicting belief in both being crusaders for their god, and being persecuted at the same time. Religious persecution is so bad that these brave soldiers of Christ need special protection from the government, in order for them to keep persecuting others who don’t believe as they do.

Obviously, Christians around the world do not enjoy the incredible amount of religious freedom as their fellow believers here in the United States do. Depending on the country, Christians may experience the slight discomfort of not being to keep their children out of secular schools, all the way to getting killed in some nations where extremist theocracy has replaced secular governments.

If you are a Christian in America, you are among one of the most privileged classes in the world. So please, just stop crying about religious persecution. Remember, your rights aren’t being violated because you can’t violate the rights of others. If you want a theocracy, try Saudi Arabia or Iran. Trust me, I don’t think you will like it.



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