Dear Liberals: Please Stop Fighting Each Other

Oh my goodness. The hate and vitriol being slung around the internet like so much monkey shit is ridiculous at the moment. Liberals have turned against each other, and for conservatives, it is glorious to behold. Conservatives know that if we can’t get it together, we will all be saying howdy to President Trump or President Cruz in ten months, and they are positively giddy.

The next president will choose Supreme Court nominees. A conservative president will choose judges who want to reinstate DOMA and DADT, overturn Roe v Wade, and keep Citizens United. The next president will decide if the U.S. should continue being a perpetual invading force, or if we can stop making veterans. The next president just might be a man who wants to ban all Muslims from entering our country, or a man who thinks carpet bombing means surgical strikes.

So by all means, let’s keep calling Hillary Clinton a witch and a shill. Keep calling Bernie Sanders a communist and a financial idiot. Please post those awful memes that claim the most important thing about the next president is how cool they are. Please tell Sanders supporters they’re morons, and call Clinton supporters closet conservatives. Because that will guarantee a right-wing sociopath slithers his way into the Oval Office in November.

Liberal pundits level sexist attacks against Hillary, while other liberals insult Sanders for his idealism. Who do I support? That’s between me and my ballot. But in November, I will vote for the Democrat who winds up being the nominee. Because I would rather have one of our extremely qualified candidates in the White House than a conservative sociopath who thinks being LGBT is evil, brown-skinned people are all terrorists and thugs, and Christianity is the only religion that matters.

What do you want? Are you liberals so fanatical about your candidate that you’re one of the many who say “If <insert Sanders or Clinton here> isn’t on the ballot, I’m not gonna vote!”? Yeah, that will teach us all a lesson. When abortion is illegal, when we’ve blown up most of the Middle East, when discrimination is a protected right, when gay marriage is illegal again, when the 1% gets richer while the middle class continues to disappear, you can smirk and say “Showed you.”

And when you need health insurance, or an abortion, or you want to marry your same-sex partner, remember the moment you decided not to vote. Remember the exact second you chose to bitch and whine rather than to join with others to keep conservative sociopaths out of the White House.

Or you could stop it now. We liberals could stop all the infighting, pull together, and focus on what we need to do to make sure our great nation stays that way. It’s up to us. We have two amazing candidates from which to choose; it’s a win-win. But if we’d rather act like petulant toddlers, it’s a lose-lose-lose.

Sanders or Clinton is better than watching 60 years of social justice disappear. Sanders or Clinton is better than watching my LGBT friends go back to being second (or third) class citizens. Sanders or Clinton is better than killing the family members of ISIS, or a theocracy, or legal discrimination, or illegal abortion.

We liberals have got to stop, or in nine months, it will be too late.



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Erin Nanasi is a writer, mom, wife, liberal, and lover of wombats. She is the creator of The Bachmann Diaries, Satirical Excerpts from Michele Bachmann's Diaries. Her interview with Bobby Seale, the co-founder of the original Black Panthers, is part of an archive collection at U. C. Berkeley. Erin hates writing about herself in the third person.
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