Donald Trump’s Debate Performance Had No Stamina! Low Energy! Sad!

I started off last night by watching the Saints vs Falcons game, then switched over to the debate. After the debate was over, I switched back to the football game and realized the only thing worse than the Saints’ game was the raging dumpster fire that was Donald Trump’s performance. The Saints kept it from being a complete blowout in the end, while Trump started off with a few weak jabs, then went into a downward spiral after the first half hour.

It was obvious that Trump didn’t prepare for this debate, and if he did, he probably spent the time looking in the mirror and bumping lines of cocaine. Seriously, did you see that erratic sniffing and shifting during his time on stage? I’d never considered the possibility of Trump having a drug problem, but some people are saying that he could very well be using coke. You see what I did there?

There were a few moments where Trump seemed to have Hillary Clinton on the defensive. To me, it seemed like she was employing Muhammad Ali’s “rope a dope” strategy of letting the alleged billionaire wear himself out before she moved in to deliver well-timed knockout punches – smiling the whole time.

Once she had him off his game, Trump failed to bring up most of the issues where he could have scored some political credibility points.

Before last night’s debate, I was nervous about the outcome but Hillary Clinton brought a solid game plan and stuck with it. The same can’t be said for Donald Trump who couldn’t understand that debating and campaigning in front of supporters are two very different scenarios.

Just recently, Trump mocked Mrs. Clinton’s health and questioned her stamina at a campaign rally, but when he actually had to debate her in front of an audience, he simply couldn’t hang.

Trump brought nothing in the way of workable proposals, lied about his past statements on climate change, and repeatedly interrupted Lester Holt and Secretary Clinton. Towards the end of the debate, he became so agitated that I almost expected him to throw a hissy fit and storm off the stage.

This morning, the top hashtag on Twitter is #TrumpWon, which is about as true as trickle-down economics, Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster. Not everyone on the hashtag is pro-Trump, and it has been a golden opportunity to mock those who actually believe his performance was anything but a sad, low energy embarrassment.

Too bad the people who blindly believe everything they see on Breitbart or Drudge Report couldn’t comprehend the fact their emperor had no clothes, no game, and absolutely no clue what the hell he was doing.



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