Donald Trump Heads Down Another Rabbit Hole With Miss Universe

She gained a massive amount of weight, that is how Donald Trump is choosing to defend Hillary’s’ calling him out on his attack on a Miss Universe winner last night.

“During Monday night’s presidential debate, Hillary Clinton attacked the GOP presidential nominee for his many negative comments about women’s appearances. One of the women Clinton referenced was Alicia Machado, a Venezuelan beauty queen who says that Trump’s insults left her with crushing body image issues.”

“Trump defended himself Tuesday morning by arguing that Machado deserved every bit of his attacks.”

“She was the worst we ever had,” he said. “She was the winner, and she gained a massive amount of weight, and it was a real problem. We had a real problem with her.”

“Trump had previously called Machado an “eating machine” and admitted to telling her to lose weight.”

Yep. As Greg Sargent shows, Donald Trump took the bait again.

“After the Democratic convention, during which Dems broadcast an unfiltered story line about Donald Trump’s bigotry and hate-mongering to an engaged national audience, Trump helpfully picked a protracted, high profile fight with the Khan family, voluntarily reinforcing many of the ugliest messages about him that came out of the Philadelphia gathering. In the wake of all of that, Trump fell well behind in the polls, though he has since closed the gap.”

“It looks like something similar may now happen again, in the wake of last night’s debate, which has been widely proclaimed as a victory for Hillary Clinton.”

“So this is just more of the same from Trump. But it’s remarkable that this morning he proved unable to resist taking the bait laid out for him by the Clinton campaign — right at this particular juncture, when the final battle for undecided and swing voters, many of them suburban and college educated women, begins in earnest. It seems destined to revive this whole tale and shine a glaring light on his chauvinism, just as the featuring of the Khan family at the convention baited Trump into bringing days and days of additional national attention to his hate-mongering.” (Source)

And speaking of the Khan family debacle, here it goes, right on cue:

What does Paul Ryan have to say about this? A very terse: ‘I wasn’t watching Fox News this morning.’

In other news, Birtherism most certainly is not going away as an issue.

Trump took credit for succeeding in making the first black POTUS show his papers. Comparatively, he criticizes Hillary for failing to make Obama show them.

On taxes, Trump thinks he deserves credit for not paying any taxes as well. He tends to think he deserves credit for everything up to the sun coming up in the morning.



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