Donald Trump Is Scared Of The Russia Investigation, James Comey Is Just A Patsy

James Comey, the head of the FBI, was fired by Donald Trump yesterday. The story was a shocking turn of events which came after Comey gave testimony last week that seemed to contradict his statement back in October about Hillary Clinton’s emails, an incident which is believed to have tipped the election in Donald Trump’s favor.

The FBI is considered to be a non-political organization, and Comey’s late interference in the 2016 election drew the ire of Democrats. His remarks at the time and Russian interference in the campaign remain a hot political issue more than 6 months later.

The timing of James Comey being fired is suspicious, and it certainly doesn’t seem that Trump would give him the pink slip over actions that cost Hillary Clinton the White House.

Mr. Comey said at last week’s hearing that the F.B.I. did not believe it had enough evidence to charge anyone with a crime in connection with Mrs. Clinton’s email server because it could not prove Mrs. Clinton or her aides intentionally broke the law.

“We could not prove that the people sending the information, either in that case or in the other case with the secretary, were acting with any kind of the mens rea — with any kind of criminal intent,” Mr. Comey said. (NY Times)

It could be argued that Comey’s firing came as a result of the FBI failing to fulfill Trump’s campaign promise to lock Hillary Clinton up. However, that seems like a far stretch, as petty as The Donald is capable of being.

My hypothesis is that the FBI’s investigation into Russian meddling and Moscow’s connections to Trump’s campaign was becoming far too uncomfortable for The Donald to handle any longer. Perhaps the embarrassing revelation last week may have played a part, but it wasn’t the reason for Comey getting fired.

On Monday, Trump strutted on Twitter, claiming that he was vindicated by James Clapper over allegations of Russian ties.

He also mocked Sally Yates, the Attorney General who testified that she warned him about Michael Flynn’s ties to Russia. According to reports, both President Obama and Sally Yates counseled Trump not to hire Flynn as National Security Adviser because he could be compromised by Russia.

If Sally Yates was right, then her firing over the Muslim travel ban that was struck down was an excuse for Trump to get rid of her because of what she knew about Flynn and Russia. In that same line of reasoning, James Comey was fired not because of his testimony about Hillary Clinton’s emails, but what his agency was uncovering about the people connected to Trump who were possibly illegally coordinating with Russia.

The evidence of Russian interference in the 2016 elections is slowly piling up. Michael Flynn, Jill Stein, Macedonian fake news spammers, and the manipulation of some Bernie Sanders supporters against Hillary Clinton – these are all tools Moscow used to destabilize Western democracy.

At this point, I think Trump realizes that all he can do is stall for time before all of the scandalous facts come to light. When it does happen, even many of his staunchest supporters could turn on him, and it will be a political bloodbath for Republicans. Let’s go make some more popcorn.



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