Donald Trump Makes His Money By Screwing Over Everyone Else

palin trumpAllegations have been popping up that Donald Trump isn’t worth nearly as much as he claims he is. Along with refusing to release his tax returns, other evidence is coming to light that the self-proclaimed billionaire may not be a billionaire after all.

USA Today also found out that Donald Trump has not only shortchanged contractors who have worked for him, he has also done the same to the lawyers he used to screw over the people who have done business with him. If that isn’t some serious chutzpah, I don’t know what is.

Via USA Today:

One law firm that fought contractors over payments and other issues for Trump — New York City’s Morrison Cohen LLP — ended up on the other side of a similar battle with the mogul in 2008. Trump didn’t like that its lawyers were using his name in press releases touting its representation of Trump in a lawsuit against a construction contractor that Trump claimed overcharged him for work on a luxury golf club.

As Trump now turned his ire on his former lawyers, however, Morrison Cohen counter-sued. In court records, the law firm alleged Trump didn’t pay nearly a half million dollars in legal fees. Trump and his ex-lawyers settled their disputes out of court, confidentially, in 2009.

In 2012, Virginia-based law firm Cook, Heyward, Lee, Hopper & Feehan filed a lawsuit against the Trump Organization for $94,511 for legal fees and costs. The case was eventually settled out of court. But as the case unfolded, court records detail how Trump’s senior deputies attacked the attorneys’ quality of work in the local and trade press, leading the firm to make claims of defamation that a judge ultimately rejected on free speech grounds. (Source)

These are not the actions of a successful businessman, these are the actions of a corporate grifter who robs Peter to pay Paul, then robs Paul to pay the next victim in an unending circle of kicking the financial can down the street to stay solvent.

For all of the corrupt practices Wall Street engages in, Donald Trump has used every loophole in the legal system to avoid paying not only his fair share of taxes, but the people he has exploited to build his empire.

We won’t know how much Donald Trump is really worth without a full disclosure of his financial records, something he is unlikely to do. Regardless of his true personal wealth, is someone who screws over the people he uses to screw over other people someone you want in the White House?



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