Donald Trump May Be Crazy, But Ted Cruz Is Far More Dangerous

mike bickle ted cruzExcept for the doomed campaign of John Kasich, the GOP campaign has come down to Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. Donald Trump has grabbed the lion’s share of the public’s attention, but Ted Cruz has put together a very strong grassroots network of right-wing activists and religious fanatics that have helped him win in states where fundamentalist Christians have greater control over the Republican Party.

Trump is gaining the support of washed-up racist figures like David Duke who are desperate for media coverage, and Ted Cruz is happily playing the GOP’s reasonable and viable alternative to the unhinged rants of the New York billionaire.

Ted Cruz is by no means reasonable, and he is even hated by his own party. Ted Cruz was elected during the Tea Party takeover of 2012, then has spent his term angering the GOP by calling Majority Leader Mitch McConnell a liar – and helping to shut down the federal government back in 2013.

As an example, Ted Cruz has recruited right-fanatic and anti-Muslim bigot Frank Gaffney to be one of his foreign policy advisors.

Via Vox:

Ted Cruz is getting advice on foreign policy from one of America’s most prominent proponents of fear and hate against Muslims: Frank Gaffney. The head of the Center for Security Policy think tank and a former Reagan administration official, Gaffney helped coin the term “Ground Zero mosque” and believes American Muslims are a threat to national security.

Donald Trump even cited Gaffney’s work when he proposed his infamous Muslim immigration ban.

Cruz’s list of foreign policy advisers, set to be released today, includes Gaffney as well as three people who work for his think tank, the Center for Security Policy, Bloomberg View’s Eli Lake reported Thursday. (Source)

I firmly believe that Donald Trump’s campaign is a publicity stunt gone horribly wrong – or unexpectedly well if you’re Donald Trump. Trump’s message seems to be mostly bluster and pandering to low information voters, but Ted Cruz has a real course set to take America back to the days before marriage equality and Roe v. Wade.

Ted Cruz represents a well-financed and well-organized religious segment of the Republican party that is working to establish Christian Dominionism on our country. Trump cares about publicity and ego, but Cruz and his supporters have a much more insidious plan for America. His supporters include other radicals like Kevin Swanson who has called for the execution of Girl Scout leaders, as well as right-wing media grifters such as Glenn Beck.

Whether Donald Trump or Ted Cruz ends up being the Republican nominee, the GOP is faced with the culmination of decades of pandering to the least informed and most bigoted members of the American electorate. If we do not turn out in November and vote all the way down the ballot, these people will dictate our lives for the foreseeable future – and that should scare the hell out of us all.



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    Cruz does not believe in church-state separation, and that alone disqualifies a candidate for any office in my mind. He cannot wait to take this country back to war, and in light of his total lack of military service, I find that horrifying.

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