Don’t Get Excited About Trump Being Impeached, It Only Gets Worse From There

There have been a lot of rumors swirling that Donald Trump will resign, or be impeached. It is true that Trump has stated that being president was much harder than he thought. However, remember that just a year ago, nobody thought he would win the Republican nomination, let alone the election.

A number of fake news sites have been claiming that his impeachment or resignation is coming any day now. His tenure in office has been a goldmine for Saturday Night Live, full of WTF? moments as Rolling Stone has documented.

Let’s assume for a moment that Trump is impeached or resigns, what then? If he leaves office before the 2020 election, we end up with Mike Pence who is religious fanatic who won’t be in a room with a woman unless his wife is there.

Trump is an erratic, egotistical bully who has no idea how to do his job. He has accomplished almost nothing in his first 100 days, except for alienating our allies and bringing us to the brink of war with North Korea. Pence isn’t much better, and the religious right, which he belongs to, dreams of an apocalyptic battle in the Middle East which will bring back Jesus Christ.

Now let’s assume that Trump and Pence go down at the same time. At that point, we end up with the Speaker of the House, which is Paul Ryan. The line of presidential succession doesn’t get any better, as it goes to Orrin Hatch, then members of Trump’s cabinet which includes Betsy DeVos, Rick Perry and Ben Carson.

Unless each and every one of these people go down at once, the odds of which are winning the lottery and being struck by lightning on the same day, we are going to be stuck with a right-wing fanatic in office, even if Trump is forced out of office.

So don’t believe the liberal clickbait media, we will have to deal with a right-wing control of the White House at least until 2020. What we can do is vote in local and state elections, and put the Senate back into Democrats’ hands in 2018. Unless the House flips overwhelmingly to Democrats in 2018, there is no chance of impeaching Trump.

The left got too comfortable after two Obama terms. We thought we could run the table going forward, without support from swing states. Hillary Clinton was the heir-apparent to the White House, same-sex marriage was the law of the land, and we happily mocked poor rural voters in red states for voting against their self-interests.

The next two to four years are a time for Democrats to do some soul-searching. It’s time to go back to the 50 state strategy as Bernie Sanders and Tom Perez have been trying to resurrect. We can’t be elitists, we can’t take anything for granted, and we sure as hell have to stop buying into fake news.



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