Don’t Hold Your Breath, But It Looks Like Nazis Are Being Booted From The Trump Administration

Donald Trump’s campaign was run on dog-whistle racism and white nationalism. He appealed to the disenfranchised white voters across the country who blamed Obama and immigrants for the loss of their jobs. Trump was dead in the water politically against Hillary Clinton, until Steve Bannon and Breitbart put the wind in his sails, all the way to the White House.

Now that he is in office, Trump appears to be taking the advice of his son-in-law, and his daughter, Ivanka. Both are Jewish, which obviously clashes with Steve Bannon’s Neo-Nazi following. This has set up conflict in the West Wing, with reports alleging that Bannon called Jared Kushner a “cuck,” a favorite slur used by the alt-right.

These latest reports leads me to believe that Trump is realizing he has to pivot away from white nationalism, even if it means isolating his base. He has turned away from Russia, embracing China instead, despite campaigning against them.

Another scandal for the Trump administration is the appointment of Sebastian Gorka, who has been linked to a Hungarian Neo-Nazi group. According to sources, Gorka is now leaving his position as deputy assistant to Trump.

Sebastian Gorka, a deputy assistant to the president, will take a position that deals with the “war of ideas” regarding radical Islamic extremism, sources told The Washington Examiner on Sunday.

Gorka has served as both a national security adviser and on the Strategic Initiatives Group, which is an organization within the White House, according to the publication.

The news he is accepting an outside role comes after reports raising questions about his security clearance status.
Gorka’s position in the SIG was meant as only a temporary role, a source told the Washington Examiner. (The Hill)

It remains to be seen if Steve Bannon will also get the boot. Rumor has it that he has dirt on Trump that will be revealed if and when Bannon is forced out, which may be why he has only been demoted, rather than fired.

However, it does appear that the racist extremists are being slowly pushed out or demoted in the Trump administration, likely due to the influence of Jared Kushner and possibly Ivanka Trump.

This doesn’t mean Trump is any less dangerous, especially when it comes to world politics. We can hope that he is finally listening to voices of reason, rather than radical extremists like Sebastian Gorka or Steve Bannon. Only time will tell though.



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