What Else Does Donald Trump Have To Do To Prove He Hates The People Who Voted For Him?

Donald Trump received a ton of votes from the poor, the elderly, and the working class in states across the country. His promise to “Make America Great” again should have been “Fuck the poor, and everyone else who doesn’t make millions of dollars every year.”

The budget that Trump has proposed would slash billions of dollars for a number of programs, including Meals on Wheels, healthcare, and massively increase funding for the biggest military program in the world. We already have tons of nuclear weapons, aircraft carriers and the disastrous F-35 program. At the same time, we’re the only developed nation without a national healthcare system, but apparently defense contractors are more important than the folks who struggle from paycheck to paycheck and depend on Medicaid to stay alive.

His administration has more ties to Russia than you can throw treason warrants at. He apparently has an actual Nazi sympathizer working in his administration as a prominent national security advisor, and the former head of Breitbart as his right-hand man.

Sebastian Gorka, a top national security adviser to President Trump, has denied reports that he is a member of and took an oath of loyalty to a Nazi-allied group.

On Thursday, The Forward reported that Gorka is a member of Historical Vitézi Rend, a far-right Hungarian group that had ties to the Nazi party from the World War II era.

When BuzzFeed News reached Gorka by phone on Thursday, he stonewalled when asked about the report. “Send a request to White House press,” Gorka told BuzzFeed News. Captain Gyula Soltész, a current leader in the Historical Vitézi Rend in Hungary, later told BuzzFeed News that Gorka is a current member. (BuzzFeed)

So we have someone who was working for Russia given a top security clearance who was fired already, and an alleged Nazi sympathizer also working as a national security advisor. Trump wants to slash funding for the poorest Americans, the elderly, and nearly everyone else who believed he had their best interests in mind.

His budget cuts will put more money in the pockets of the rich, while hurting everyone else. Trump wants to build a wall on the Mexican border to keep people out, but at the rate we’re going, nobody will want to come here anyhow.

I don’t know what else Trump has to do in order to prove to the people who voted for him that he doesn’t give a fuck about them. He once said that he could shoot someone and not lose any support. Apparently taking away food and healthcare from millions of Americans won’t do that either.



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