From Murders To Spam, Facebook Is Terribly Flawed

Facebook has been under a lot of criticism recently due to murders being broadcast on Facebook Live. While the feature allows for individuals to post live videos for their friends or followers to see, the platform also allows disturbed people to commit shocking crimes, often before killing themselves.

This isn’t the only Facebook flaw. Spammers from fake news sites around the world run rampant on Mark Zuckerberg’s social media platform. I’ve personally reported literally hundreds of fake profiles, some of which have been deleted, and others have not.

Many of these accounts come from Eastern Europe, although people from around the world have realized how much money can be made through various ad agencies via traffic to their websites. It isn’t hard for someone to quickly throw a site together, copy content from somewhere else, buy a few fake profiles, and then spam the hell out of every Facebook group they can get into.

Facebook allowed fake news from Macedonian spammers to influence the 2016 election. These accounts were undoubtedly boosted by pro-Putin groups, which are known to be working on the behalf of the Russian government.

Some of these groups reported my pages in waves during 2016 for posting anti-Trump articles and memes. My personal profile spent most of the year banned for one infraction or another, with no option to appeal.

Another specific tool that intelligence officials believe was used by the Russians were internet “trolls” who “amplified stories on scandals about Secretary Clinton and the role of Wikileaks in the election campaign.”

The trolls were deemed “professionals” in the report, and were “previously devoted to supporting Russian actions in Ukraine.”

The work of those trolls appear to be among some of the earliest actions that were taken by Russian forces in support of Trump, as the report states that the trolls “started to advocate for President-elect Trump as early as December 2015.” (ABC News)

There are actions that Facebook can take to stop fake news, spammers, and deranged individuals who want to broadcast murders online. Unfortunately, Mark Zuckerberg and his company seem to be more interested in pushing their website into our lives more and more, while Facebook is used for all sorts of nefarious activities.

As much as Reddit allows hate speech, they’re pretty good at identifying spam rings and manipulation. Sites like Occupy Democrats and others that push fake news and use voting groups to push stories to the front page are often identified and banned from the most of prominent subreddits.

Facebook has to change their policies and their way of doing business. Even though Zuckerberg claims to be a good guy trying to help the world connect, his company is overlooking the abuses in favor of profits. Until he fixes the systemic problems, I will not give him any more money to advertise my business, and neither should you.



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