Glenn Beck Warns Us Of The Alt-Right Movement He Helped To Create

Glenn Beck made what he believed to be a strategic move prior to the election, and decided to pivot to the political center by condemning Donald Trump and his white nationalist supporters. With most people believing that Hillary Clinton would likely win and the Republican Party would shatter into pieces, Glenn Beck could then say “I told you so” while he carved out a new niche for himself in the political chaos.

As we know now, that’s not how everything turned out, and Beck can’t make a U-turn back to his old positions because the alt-right and conspiracy industry that he helped to create has turned on him. So what’s an aging rodeo clown and snake oil salesman to do?

Well, Glenn Beck now wants to be the voice of reason warn us all about the same far-right movement that he played a part in creating.

Via The Hill:

Conservative radio host Glenn Beck said Tuesday that the “alt-right” movement is both “real” and “terrifying.”

“I want to make sure that everybody understands that the alt-right is real. It is truly terrifying, in my opinion,” Beck said on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360.”

Beck spoke with Cooper about Stephen Bannon, who previously served as the chairman of Breitbart News and will be President-elect Donald Trump’s chief strategist.

Beck has previously accused Bannon, who also served as the Trump campaign’s chief executive officer, of having ties to white nationalists and called him “a nightmare.”

On Tuesday, he went after Bannon for openly admitting that Brietbart is a mouth-piece for the alt-right movement. (Source)

The hallmarks of the alt-right include rabid anti-Semitism, xenophobia and hatred towards minorities in general – or “hipster Nazis” as I like to call them.

This behavior isn’t confined to angry young white men on Twitter or Reddit, bullying in schools has exploded since the election of a man who egged on his supporters as they assaulted protesters.

Some people on Twitter have asked me to consider the possibility that Glenn Beck is being sincere. Maybe, just maybe after all of these years of being a radio shock jock, gold company mouthpiece, and conspiracy monger – perhaps Beck has finally seen the light and wants to help America.

To that I say “nonsense” – Beck is motivated by profit and ego. He has never apologized for his part in helping to fan the flames of paranoia and rage towards President Obama and the left over the past decade.

Glenn Beck has not apologized for defaming a Saudi student injured in the Boston Marathon bombing by claiming he was the “money man” behind the attack, even though the civil case was settled in September.

The only thing that Glenn Beck cares about is staying relevant, and the far-right media will suffer under a Trump presidency because Breitbart will likely have primary access to Cheeto Satan, and because The Blaze won’t have a Democrat in the White House to blame for everything.

However, if you still believe after all of this that Glenn Beck is sincere behind his newest mask, I have an unclaimed Nigerian inheritance for you to help me claim. Just head over to your local Western Union and wire me $250 to start…



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