GOP Economics Are To Blame For The Rise Of Donald Trump

melania trumpThe GOP has thrown in the towel finally. Despite their best efforts, and millions of campaign dollars, Donald Trump will be their nominee. As much as I dislike Trump, I have to admit that he has found a way to tap into the same economic anger that Bernie Sanders has. Both are talking about the fact that jobs are being lost and that our economy isn’t what it was a decade ago.

We got here because of decades of trickle-down economic theories and the outsourcing of American jobs. Currently, if you want to call your cell phone or insurance provider, chances are you will initially speak with someone in India or the Phillipines that you cannot understand. These people work for a fraction of what highly-trained American union workers do, and they usually cannot fix the issue you’re hoping to have resolved.

I’m going to use my time in the telecommunications industry as an example. From the time I worked at Sprint, starting in 2005 and ending in 2010, I watched a premier cellular company chase profits while it took away jobs from American workers. These jobs were moved overseas to Makati in the Philippines or Latin American countries where poorly-trained workers handled the calls of cellular customers around the United States. These workers regularly allowed sensitive information from accounts to be leaked to fraudsters, which fed into millions of dollars monthly in losses.

On conference calls, we were tasked with helping them deal with American consumers, even as our friends slowly lost their jobs to someone on the other side of the world who would do the job for a lot less. I won’t disparage the work ethic of these individuals, but they simply do not understand how to appropriately interact with consumers from a completely different culture. Currently, Sprint teeters on the edge of complete failure, partly due in part to corporate greed.

This is just one example of the outsourcing American companies have utilized in their never-ending quest for record profits. The same goes for manufacturing where products that were once produced by unionized workers in factories across America are now shipped in from low-wage countries on container ships. Steel, fabrics and other industries have left the Heartland, leaving economic turmoil and meth labs in their absence.

Here in Louisiana, the oil and gas industry has taken a massive downturn even as the rest of our economy begins a slow recovery. The people who have lost their lucrative jobs do not blame the real culprits, and instead look to Donald Trump to restore their way of life.

Their problems come from a lack of economic planning and political understanding, and a conservative mindset that needs to blame Washington and liberals for their plight.

This predicament faces people across the United States, and they’re too blind to see that trickle-down economics got them to the place where they are now. Bernie Sanders will not fix this issue. Neither will Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.

Only when Americans come together and realize that trickle-down economics are a sham, will we begin to fix this problem. Unfortunately, I think it may be too late.



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Manny Schewitz is a progressive and registered Democrat currently living in Lafayette, Louisiana. He is a co-founder of Modern Liberals and an unapologetic liberal who supports gun regulations, abortion rights, and Bernie Sanders. Manny is on Facebook, Instagram and you can follow him on Twitter as well.
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