GUEST COLUMN: Why Won’t Hillary Clinton Talk About Her Penis Like Donald Trump Did? – Brenda Loupe

Hillary Clinton has a problem with the truth. More specifically, she’s estranged from it.

First, she covered up that whole Benghazi tragedy. Then she refused to release all her emails she had on a private server. Then she refused to release the transcripts of the big-money speeches she gave to Wall Street.

Now, she refuses to talk about her penis.

What’s up with that? What does she have to hide? Her penis? Is she ashamed of it?

You know who isn’t ashamed to talk about his penis? Donald J. Trump. He proved in that Republican debate in Detroit that he has no qualms telling the American people all about his penis, its functionality, and its ample size. That’s the kind of transparency in government America deserves.

The American people are tired of politicians avoiding the hard issues. They want someone who is forthcoming, who’ll tell it like it is. And by “it,” I mean that person’s dick.

Donald Trump is a breath of fresh air. If he’s open enough to talk about his dick during a televised debate, I know I can trust him to not keep secrets from the people of this great country, unlike Hillary Clinton.

And she wonders why people don’t trust her. If she wants to start gaining the trust of the American people, she needs to end all the cover-ups and come clean.

Release the emails. All of them. Release the transcripts of the speeches she got paid six figures to give to the people she wants to regulate as president. And tell us about her penis.

She doesn’t have to go into excruciating detail. Just give us the quick and dirty. Is it at least a normal size? Does it work? That’s all we really need.

These are the kinds of things the American public deserves to know about someone who wants to be the leader of the free world. We’ll see if Mrs. Clinton will deliver or if she’ll continue her deceitful ways by avoiding the topic of her penis.

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