Hillary Clinton Is A ‘Bad Candidate’ Who Always Ends Up Doing Better Than All The ‘Good Candidates’

Right now we’re hearing variations of this assertion a lot:

Mike Pence gives Republicans buyer’s remorse.”

Matt Yglesias also expresses this sentiment.

It seems to me that Pence is benefitting by the Trump curve as Yglesias goes on to say.

I think because Mike Pence is getting way too much credit for that very low bar. Basically the bar is on the floor, so all you have to do is tiptoe over it.

You get some GOPers arguing that Pence could have done a much better job against Hillary.

I’m very skeptical. I don’t think Ted Cruz could have beaten her and I think Cruz would have even less mainstream general election appeal than Pence – if that’s even possible.

Again, it’s the Trump bar. There are two sides to this. There is the idea that Mike Pence has a shot in 2020 now-which I very much doubt. And there’s the media illusion that Hillary is this weak, really weak candidate who would fall apart facing anyone else but Donald Trump.

First Pence. He benefitted from the comparison with Trump but looked at in his own terms, he is very, very socially conservative. His views on abortion, on LGBT would be a real liability in a campaign where he was the focus.

That didn’t come up last night because Kaine was focused on Donald Trump.

Exactly, but if he was at the top of the ticket, it would come up-a lot.

You can argue whether he should have or not. He did mention Mike Pence’s court defeat yesterday on banning Syrian refugees. But, again, his focus rightly was on Donald Trump. Pence’s focus was not on defending Donald Trump of course, which the Donald has noticed.

Donald Trump is Outraged to be Upstaged by Mike Pence

As for Hillary, how is it that she’s a bad candidate but she gets so much further than all the good candidates? In her career, she is 3 and 1-counting her two Senate wins, her loss to Obama, and her win over Bernie-and she’s the favorite to win her fourth and most important race in her life.

In truth, losing to Obama-who’s rightly seen as that once in a generation political talent-in a very close fought race where she got 18.5 million votes hardly seems a disgrace. I would deny anyone could have done better than her against Obama; that was just his race to win. As she herself later said ‘God wants him to win this.’

She then strongly beat back a very tough insurgent challenge for the Left. It was a challenge I personally saw coming as far back as 2011 just reading what the emoprogs were saying at places like Jane Hamsher’s Firedoglake. Biden would not have done better vs Bernie. He could have done worse. There are a lot of skeletons in his closet too.

If you want to talk about dishonesty you have his infamous plagiarism scandal from 1988 for starters.

People forget how he was talked about before he became the candidate the media used in order to knock down Hillary.

Don’t get me wrong. I love Joe Biden. But you’re always most popular when you’re not running.

As for this idea that any other GOPer could have beat her, the question is who? The Generic Republican -like the Generic Democrat-doesn’t exist.

Ted Cruz is way too conservative and scary. Pence is Ted Cruz minus the sex appeal(!) Compared to Pence Cruz has sex appeal.

Jeb couldn’t even get beyond his own last name in interviews. Kasich? Another old white guy like Pence. I’m skeptical. He actually has a much more ‘severely conservative’ record than is known about but this would come out in the general election. As for anyone who points out he led her by 7 points in general elections in March, there is no hope for such people.

I guess if I had to choose the GOP candidate most likely to have been successful, it probably would be Little Marco-through process of elimination.

He surely doesn’t lack in vulnerabilities as Chris Christie so starkly brought out in New Hampshire. Then in late February, Rubio basically proved the knock on him-that he’s sort of a good looking Latino Dan Quayle; a lightweight-right. His attempt to get down in the mud with Donald Trump diminished himself. It also adds to a real character problem for Rubio: he takes whatever view or position that’s convenient.

He might well have some advantages too. He’d hope to get a larger share of the Hispanic vote. Whether or not he would is another question. As a Cuban he would not necessarily have an automatic rapport with Mexican Americans who are the majority in the Hispanic community.

Finally, the fundamentals would be the same. The fundamentals are a lot more important than personalities though you’d never know it listening to the media.

This is a big part of the error: an overemphasis on personal traits. Hillary Clinton should be just fine though.



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