Hillary Clinton’s Twitter Game Is Brilliant And Delightfully On Point

Hillary Clinton TwitterHillary Clinton’s Twitter account may be the best comedic relief political pundits had during the incredibly bizarre GOP convention. Obviously, it wasn’t Hillary Clinton herself running the account, but her staff fired off some great Tweets skewering Donald Trump and the Republican Party.

Her social media team has really brought their “A” game with a great strategy of pointing out past praise from her current Republican critics. You know, the same people doing the same old election year routine of pretending to hate people they previously praised and worked with. I love it because it points out how hypocritical and two-faced politicians can be, and the following are a few of my favorites.

Here’s Donald Trump’s VP selection Mike Pence.

How about praise from her now-rival, but former friend Donald Trump himself? As much as The Donald has talked about “Crooked Hillary” or her emails, he had quite a few nice things to say about her before he decided to launch the publicity stunt that caused him to be stuck with the Republican nomination for president.

There’s also the fact that The Donald donated money to the Clinton Foundation, and tried to get cozy with the Clintons, or anyone else he thought he could use for his own benefit. This includes the same Russian government that breached the DNC, which is far more concerning to me than Hillary Clinton being careless with email security.

Let’s also not forget “Little Marco” Rubio.

Or Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

It also doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure this one out.

We’ve got a little more than three months until the election, and Hillary Clinton is just getting started flaying that thin-skinned little bully by the name of Donald Trump. Be sure you’re stocked up on beer and popcorn, because this massacre is going to be so much fun to watch.



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