If You’re A Liberal, Stop Sharing Links From These Fake News Sites

In the wake of the 2016 election, a lot of media coverage has been given to fake news websites. People from California to Macedonia, and around the rest of the world made a lot of money posting highly exaggerated or completely fake news stories. Now we’re paying the price as Donald Trump has been officially confirmed as our next president by the Electoral College.

Leading up to the election, spammers representing a myriad of fake news websites infested nearly every Facebook group I belong to. People in these groups then turned around and shared these stories as factual, because they wanted to believe in what was being stated, even if there was no truth to them at all.

A number of pro-Bernie Sanders groups were hit by spammers from Macedonia, and at least one owner of a group was paid off to allow these fake news stories. The Hill, Salon and Huffington Post weren’t immune to this either by allowing H.A. Goodman to publish one article after another pumping false hope to Bernie Sanders supporters, and then encouraging people to vote for Jill Stein once it was clear Bernie wasn’t going to get the nomination.

Fake news isn’t something new. The power of the press has been harnessed to push false stories for one agenda or another for centuries, but in the era of social media, it can spread faster than ever before. Thanks to internet blog platforms, anyone anywhere in the world can create a website, create content, and then profit immensely with a little luck and networking with Facebook page owners. Even Ed Schultz got his thirty pieces of silver and now works for Russian state media. And if you still think Russia has our best interests in mind after this past election debacle, I have some timeshares in Siberia I’d like to sell you.

I’ve been in the business of political blogging for over 6 years now. I do not call myself a journalist, nor does Modern Liberals claim to be a news organization. We are a political blog that also does political satire, which is clearly marked as such, if people aren’t too lazy to read past a headline.

Unfortunately, there are quite a few websites out there with large Facebook pages posting their links that do not stand up to a quick fact check. I’m not going to talk about the plethora of fake sites on the right, because we should already be able to recognize them, but I’m not ruling out doing an article on that subject in the future.

Whether you realize it or not, running a website is usually done to make a profit. In the interest of full disclosure Modern Liberals barely breaks even, but that’s because we do not have special interest funding, nor do we publish fake news to get easy traffic.

In my time writing, I’ve come across a number of sites that have either lifted my content without proper credit, or have been attacked for calling them out for publishing exaggerated or completely fake news.

The following is a list of Facebook pages and websites on the left that utilize a number of shady practices, including playing fast and loose with the truth for profit. If you call yourself an informed liberal, please stop sharing from them if you haven’t already.

*EDIT* Some folks are quibbling over the term “fake news” and I should add that any site which poses as a news organization when it is not is still “fake news.” This includes websites that derive most of their content from other sources and add hyperbolic headlines like Raw Story does.

  •  Addicting Info
  •  American News X
  •  Bipartisan Report
  •  Cop Block
  •  Daily Kos (Blog)
  •  Daily News Bin
  • Forward Progressives
  •  freakoutnation
  •  GroopSpeak
  •  Hostile Politics
  •  LiberalAmerica
  • Liberals Unite
  • Counter Current News
  • Greenville Gazette
  • The Anti Media
  •  Natural News (conservative site often used by conspiracy lefties
  • New Century Times
  •  Occupy Democrats
  •  Palmer Report
  • Reverb Press
  •  The Free Thought Project
  •  TheEverlastingGOPStoppers
  •  US Uncut
  •  Winning Democrats
  • Some of these sites use fake news stories to cater to bias confirmation on the left, and others like Cop Block or Natural News pretend to be advocacy organizations while pushing anti-government conspiracy agendas.

    We’re in for a long four years of a Trump presidency, and we need the truth at our backs like never before. Eliminating these fake news sites from our news feeds is a necessary first step.

    If you want to subscribe to honest reporting on national issues in the United States, there are many reputable and mostly neutral sources like AP, Reuters, BBC out there.

    Here are a few of the websites I go to for news or opinion articles.


    Nola.com (New Orleans)
    New York Times
    LA Times
    The Advocate (Baton Rouge)
    Washington Post
    The Guardian
    Buzzfeed (Yes, their political reporting is top notch)
    Seattle Times


    Bob Mann Blog
    Washington Post
    The Atlantic



    About Manny Schewitz 418 Articles
    Manny Schewitz is a progressive liberal from the Dirty South with a thirst for the truth, and whiskey. He is a co-founder of Modern Liberals, an avid poker player, and an unapologetic liberal who supports gun regulations. Manny is also on Facebook, and you can follow him on Twitter as well.
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    • TomasShadows

      Robert Reich recommends IBTimes.

      I’m still trying to determine if CSM, over the last few years, has started cashing in on its nearly squeaky clean history of nonpartisan reporting to start pushing a bias. It’s still seems pretty accurate and mostly unbiased (despite its name), but it has just seemed a little off over the last few years.

      • David Agosta

        Robert Reich recommends – subtly and cleverly – his books and only his books – any way he can. I give him as much credibility as any of these other charlatans.

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    • Ralph_Novy


    • Ralph_Novy

      Citing the writing of H.A. Goodman in an article ostensibly about “fake news sites” is off-point at best. In fact, I think it’s an undeserved aspersion, particularly since the article linked-to was quite prescient regarding the Clinton emails/Russian hacking controversy.

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    • Mark Niedringhaus

      That covers just about every left leaning news source except Modern Liberals. We should look into how fake Modern Liberals is. Everyone is wrong but you? Come on, these site may dramatize the headline, but I’ve found most of the stories to be truthful.

      • We are a blog, but thanks for playing.

      • Janice

        Seems like they have a vendetta against all left/liberal sites that didn’t worship the old guy from Vermont.

    • Sally P. Krol

      You speak of “fake” news sites. Why is there no “about” on your site that explains who and what this site is?

    • Janice

      Oh, wait, I get it – all sites from the left that didn’t worship the old dude from Vermont are considered fake. That makes sense – the far left wing fringe supporting the far left wing fringe outlets only – same as the far right wing fringe supporting the far right wing fringe outlets.

    • Gregory “Wolfe” Woodbury

      I like what you do and say generally, but I have to disagree with your characterization about Daily Kos. It is a site that has many, many bloggers, some more accurate than others. As with ANY site, one has to evaluate the sources and language used to discern potential accuracy.

      Quite a number of the sites you condemn are pushing hyperbolic content and inaccurate (i.e. fake) information but are still useful for keeping a finger on the pulse of the political environment.

      We are aware of the “alt-right” as conveyers of extreme opinions, but there is a corresponding “alt-left” that is just as extreme and harmful. Out at the fringes of politics things can get so muddled that it can be difficult to figure out if the source is on the right or the left.

      The key thing to remember is that one should use one’s brain and reason to evaluate anything presented on the internets. Even the mainstream sources can get things wrong or out of context on occasion.

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