The Noose Is Slowly Tightening On The Trump Administration

The revelation from the New York Times confirmed what we already suspected, that the Trump presidential campaign was in cahoots with Russian spy agencies all along. Paul Manafort had worked for pro-Russian interests during the Ukrainian conflict, and Michael Flynn had been in illegal contact with the Russian ambassador after sanctions were announced while President Obama was still in office.

It’s no wonder that Trump repeatedly attacked and did his best to discredit the media and intelligence agencies throughout his campaign, and continues to do so now. It’s because they’ve uncovered information that proves he cheated, but Trump supporters were so concerned with Hillary Clinton’s emails. That seems so trivial now, right?

If The Donald hadn’t been blackmailed by Russian intelligence and didn’t know that Michael Flynn had violated the Logan Act, why did it take him this long to demand Flynn’s resignation? Why did The Donald defend Flynn for weeks, knowing what he knew, perhaps because Trump believed this would all blow over?

Even after the truth came to light and Flynn resigned, The Donald refused to blame his former security advisor, and attacked the media instead in a series of angry rants on Twitter.

Michael Flynn’s son was a big pusher of the Pizzagate conspiracy story which alleged the Clinton campaign was connected to a non-existent pedophile ring based in a basement of a DC restaurant that didn’t have a basement.

Even though the story was completely bogus, the alt-right and Infowars ran with it, causing one person to travel there from North Carolina and open fire with an assault rifle. The Russian website Russian Insider is still continuing to promote the false story, now alleging that it is connected to the arrest of Jerry Sandusky’s adopted son.

These stories are meant to draw traffic to these sites, and to distract from the looming scandals that will soon engulf the Trump administration. Try as they might, the United States intelligence community is uniting against The Donald, and the Russian spy agencies his people are in bed with.

At some point, Republicans in Congress may finally rebel against Herr Gropenfuhrer Von Thinskin. If and when that day comes, the Kremlin will not be able to save him, and we might end up with President Paul Ryan. Perhaps Paul Ryan has been playing the long game, waiting for the house of cards to come falling down.

I don’t like the idea of Pence or Ryan in the White House, but either of them is the devil we know, instead of the thin-skinned tyrant who is determined to destroy America on the behalf of Vladimir Putin.



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