Now The Question Is: When Will Russia Turn On Donald Trump?

Mike Pence and Vladimir Putin.

I have held the belief, as have many other people, that Donald Trump’s presidential campaign was promoted by Russia in an attempt to undermine Western powers. Evidence shows that Russia played a part in Brexit, the American presidential elections, the French elections, and they are now turning their efforts towards Germany later this year.

England, the United States, France, and Germany are the cornerstones of NATO. This is the military alliance that stood against Russia during the Cold War, and is still the only thing standing between Russia and Vladimir Putin’s thirst to make Russia a global super power again.

As I wrote earlier, I believe that Trump ended up in the White House thanks to Russian interference, and he’s trying to cover up the many trails of evidence that could lead to his impeachment. It is possible that Trump knew what was going on and allowed it to happen, but it’s even more likely that he was played like an egotistical puppet by Putin and the Kremlin because they know how to play The Donald like a cheap guitar.

Trump has to know that Russia manipulated the election on his behalf. As much as he is a petulant senior citizen with a raging narcissistic streak, Donald certainly understands that he is in way over his head. That was evident with the Russian delegation making a trip to the Oval Office, and then embarrassing him Trump in their media.

The White House did not allow American press into the meeting between President Donald Trump, Russian foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, and Russia’s ambassador to Washington, Sergey Kislyak. But it did admit a photographer from TASS, a state-owned Russian news service. Its photos were subsequently posted on TASS’s website, giving that outlet a monopoly on publishable visuals of the meeting.

Russian government Twitter accounts shared photos of the event shortly after its conclusion. They revealed Kislyak’s presence—a fact that was not even mentioned in the official White House readout of the meeting. Some U.S. officials suspect Kislyak, whose conversations with Trump’s former National Security Adviser have fed an FBI investigation of his campaign, is a Kremlin spy—or at least spy-adjacent. (The Daily Beast)

Eventually, Vladimir Putin will tire of Trump and his erratic behavior. Don’t be surprised if Russia begins a fake news campaign against The Donald from both the right and the left, and promoting a new puppet in his place.

Putin will do anything and everything he can to make Russia a world super-power again. If it requires taking Trump down, he will do it in a Moscow second. If that means promoting Jill Stein or some other far-left candidate again in 2020, or funding a far-right rebellion campaign against Trump, it is on the table.

Let’s watch the drama unfold and be sure to take notes. The next four years are a period in American history that will be taught in political science courses for generations to come – if our country survives that long.



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