Republicans Will Thank Trump Voters By Taking Away Their Healthcare

The people who will be hurt the most by the proposed changes to Obamacare will be the elderly and the working poor. The irony is that these two demographics voted for Donald Trump and the Republican Congress, and now they’re about to get what they voted for, losing their healthcare.

It’s a safe guess that these people believed that whatever happened would not affect them, and they were sadly mistaken. According to the numbers, there will be a $400 million tax break for health insurance companies.

If Paul Ryan manages to ram this legislation through, millions of people in red states who voted for Trump and the GOP will find themselves ten miles up shit creek without a paddle. These are the people who will suffer the most, and find themselves without affordable healthcare.

AARP has come out against these proposed changes, and was called a “special interest group” by Sean Spicer who argued the change would help, not hurt seniors.

The AARP is concerned that the Republican bill repeals a provision from Obamacare, an additional payroll tax on high-income workers, that strengthened Medicare’s solvency.

The group also wrote that changes to the Medicaid program in the new health care legislation “could endanger the health, safety, and care of millions of individuals who depend on the essential services provided” through that program.

“In providing a fixed amour of federal funding per person, this approach to financing would likely result in overwhelming costs shifts to states, state taxpayers, and families unable to shoulder the costs of care without sufficient federal support,” Rogers wrote in the letter. “This would result in cuts to program eligibility, services, or both – ultimately harming some of our nation’s most vulnerable citizens.” (TPM)

The proposal of tax credits instead of subsidies to help people pay for health insurance will not work, as I discussed in this previous post.

Freezing Medicaid expansion will keep people who find themselves out of a job in the future from being able to enroll. As much as many of the poorest people in red states hated President Obama, they sure as hell love subsidized healthcare, because they believe they “earned it.”

The backlash against Republicans will cost them seats across the country, and I’ll be sure to remind every person who voted for the GOP who took their healthcare away. If Democrats have any sense, they’ll be sure to pin this national catastrophe firmly on the culprits, the Republican Party.

America is the only developed country without national, single-payer healthcare. If Republicans were serious about making healthcare accessible to everyone and not just repealing the Affordable Care Act because it was tied to President Obama, there ways that they could fix the system, but they won’t. Because fuck the poor and the elderly, whether they voted for the GOP or not.



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