The Free Thought Project Claims President Obama Is Ready To Impose Martial Law

Ammon Bundy. Image via Wikipedia
Ammon Bundy.
Image via Wikipedia

As I start to write this, one Oregon militia member is dead, and others are in custody. The Bundy militia occupied a bird sanctuary in the middle of the wilderness, hoping to draw other anti-government activists to their cause, only to find themselves in jail. This story was heavily circulated in the media, but what many writers failed to recognize is that there is an undercurrent of anti-government propaganda circulated by websites like The Free Thought Project.

The Free Thought Project pretends to be a champion of alternative media for the left. However, if you look at their content, it is little more than a thinly-disguised front for groups like the Bundy militia and other anti-government organizations. I previously reported on this a week ago when the website published an article that depicted the militia in a sympathetic light. The Free Thought Project also regularly promotes stories from sources like InfoWars, and even shares a writer who has previously lifted my own content for their personal gain.

Now they’re back again with another story claiming that Congress is planning to declare martial law, allowing President Obama to have “unlimited military rule.” This may sound like a violation of the two terms he is allowed under the 22nd Amendment, but the people who feed into this likely do not understand the Bill of Rights beyond their interpretation of the 1st and 2nd Amendments.

Here is what they are claiming:

The U.S. Senate is poised to give President Obama and the next president unprecedented war powers that amount to declaring martial law upon the entire world. Majority leader Mitch McConnell surprised almost everyone last week by saying he has a war resolution ready to be voted on at any time.

The resolution is a new authorization for use of military force (AUMF) for declaring war on ISIS. It would give the president even more power than the AUMF granted to Bush after 9/11, which is still in place today. (Source)

This assertion is completely ridiculous, but par for the course for the biases of the people who regularly read and share links from their website.

President Obama has a hard enough time getting anything in his agenda passed, so why would Republicans in the Senate give him unlimited war powers, let alone the ability to declare martial law? This conspiracy nonsense isn’t new. Many liberals fell into the the same mindset in the waning years of George W. Bush’s second term.

There are plenty of reasons to be suspicious of our government. Believing stories from anti-government, right-wing websites isn’t one of them.



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  • gosseyn

    Boy! I knew the Tin-Foil Hat Brigade was walking the fringes, but this is further out than they’ve ever been before. They REALLY need to up their meds. The thought that THIS Senate would give the President anything but the finger is beyond the pale.

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