The Supreme Court Has Dealt The Religious Right Two Major Blows In A Year

This morning, the United States Supreme Court smacked down the restrictive abortion laws Texas passed in 2013. Much to the chagrin of the religious right and the Texas GOP, the court issued a 5-3 ruling that firmly stated that Texas was placing unnecessary regulations on abortion providers. The legislation was opposed by Wendy Davis who led a long filibuster against the law, which was eventually passed through a special session called by then-governor Rick Perry who likely saw it as a boost to his 2016 presidential chances.

This case sets a huge precedent for future reproductive rights cases that will be heard before the Supreme Court, should other states decided to follow Texas in their doomed crusade to strangle abortion rights as protected by Roe v. Wade.

As Amanda Marcotte points out over at Salon, this isn’t just a blow to anti-choice activists. It is also a huge setback for the flailing religious right which finds itself stuck in an awkward arranged political marriage with a wildly unpopular presidential candidate who will further damage them down the ballot this fall.

This decision will likely have ramifications for the entire religious right, and not just the anti-choice movement. After all, just a year ago, the Supreme Court also handed religious conservatives another resounding defeat, by legalizing same-sex marriage.

And this is all happening in an atmosphere where the religious right’s grip over the Republican party is visibly declining, as evidenced by the rise of Donald Trump, a man who has clearly never cracked open a Bible. Oh, religious conservatives are clinging tenaciously to the illusion of relevance. James Dobson ran around telling reporters last week that Trump is born again, a move so desperate it can only cause dark laughter. But few are fooled. The false displays of piety, the Bible-clutching talk about family values? All of it is falling away as conservatives turn away from pretending their politics are about any kind of “morality”, preferring instead to wallow openly in nationalism and the politics of resentment.

Which, of course, is what the religious right was always about as well. After all, their political efforts — chipping away at gay rights and reproductive rights — are naked attempts to punish other people that they resent for making sexual choices the right does not approve of. But they always tried to wrap their resentment and hate in a veneer of Christian love, but the veil is falling away. And this Supreme Court decision is making it harder than ever for the right to cling to religion as the pretense for the politics of resentment. (Source)

The religious right is in chaos right now, and this decision by the Supreme Court is another huge blow to their crusade. Thanks to changing voter demographics and the GOP’s constant march to the fringe, they have lost the culture wars that brought them to the Republican Party in the first place. Marriage equality is now the law of the land, and abortion rights cannot be completely infringed upon through over-regulation. The tide is also turning against the NRA’s gun fanatic culture and the fevered predictions of mass gun confiscation should any laws be passed.

The completely dysfunctional Republican Party is in a three-way civil war pitting the conservative establishment against the religious right and Trump’s supporters. It’s going to tear the party apart, and it sure as hell is fun to watch from a safe distance.



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