The War On Planned Parenthood Just Backfired In The Best Possible Way

Now that's the definition of irony right there.

Gov-Gregg-Abbott-Planned-ParenthoodFrom anti-Planned Parenthood activists up to presidential candidates like Carly Fiorina, there has been a campaign against the healthcare provider that has escalated in the last year or so. This witch hunt was led by a group calling itself “Center for Medical Progress” and their accusations led to Planned Parenthood funding being cut off illegally in some states, as well as investigations requested by conservative governors who wished to appeal to their right-wing voters.

One of those lawmakers was the newly-elected governor of Texas, Greg Abbott who called for an investigation back in July. Now the grand jury’s investigation is over, and it backfired horribly for two anti-Planned Parenthood activists.

For more than two months, the 232nd grand jury reviewed a joint investigation into allegations of misconduct by PPGC. The grand jury cleared PPGC of breaking the law. However, the grand jury handed down indictments against two people accused of making the allegations against PPGC public in undercover recordings made in April 2015.

David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt were indicted by the grand jury for tampering with a governmental record, a felony offense. An additional indictment for prohibition of the purchase and sale of human organs, a class a misdemeanor, was handed down against Daleiden. (Source)

Now that’s the definition of irony right there. A conspiracy to slander Planned Parenthood and the order to investigate them just blew up right in the faces of these anti-choice activists. I’m not sure what else they expected to happen when forging documents and editing footage to try to demonize the organizations. David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt probably assumed that their actions would provide political talking points for the conservative attack on Planned Parenthood, and that part definitely succeeded because anti-abortion activists are often uninterested in the facts.

A grand jury operating at the request of the right-wing governor Greg Abbott clears Planned Parenthood and hands down indictments to the people who participated in the smear campaign, in the conservative state of Texas. It doesn’t get much better than this.



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