These Veterans Are Standing Up For Colin Kaepernick And #BlackLivesMatter

Conservatives have been in an absolute furor over Colin Kaepernick protesting police brutality and racial inequality by sitting down during the National Anthem prior to 49’ers games this preseason. Kaepernick has announced that he intends to keep doing so until these issues have been addressed, and encouraged other NFL players to join him.

The same people who support Donald Trump and his message that he alone can “make America great again” are outraged that a black NFL player would have the audacity to point out problems in this country that we need to fix. You know, because football players should shut up and play the sport, unless they have an opinion that agrees with conservatives.

Whether you side with Colin Kaepernick or not, the 1st Amendment allows him the right to sit or stand for the National Anthem – just like it allows conservatives to criticize President Obama, the Supreme Court or even fly the Confederate flag on their property. The 1st Amendment is one of the rights American soldiers have sworn an oath to protect, because these freedoms apply to all, not just white conservatives.

Patriotism is not paying unwavering allegiance to a flag or a song, and using them as an excuse to ignore police brutality and racial inequality. Colin Kaepernick’s outraged critics may have forgotten what freedom and true patriotism are, but these veterans certainly haven’t.



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