This Poll Shows How Completely Toxic Donald Trump Is To Female Voters

Ahead of the Democratic convention, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were fairly close in the polls. Then we had the disastrous feud with the Khan family, among many other missteps by the Trump campaign. As a result, Hillary Clinton began to pull away in the polls, and The Donald could not stop putting his foot in his mouth.

At this point, the only people The Donald hasn’t pissed off is the far-right/alt-right followers of Breitbart who populate the dark corners of the Internet, or attend anti-immigration rallies with Confederate flags. Even veterans have been insulted by Trump, especially with his flippant attitude towards the Purple Heart.

This latest survey by Monmouth University is terrifying, if you’re a campaign manager of the alleged billionaire who will not release his tax returns, or a Republican lawmaker hoping not to fall victim to the anti-Trump wave at the polls in November.

“According to the poll, 46 percent of registered voters support Clinton while 34 percent support Trump. Among likely voters, Clinton has 50 percent support while Trump has 37 percent.

In both scenarios, Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson garnered 7 percent of the vote and Green Party candidate Jill Stein took 2 percent.

For Clinton, it’s a nine-point jump since before the Republican and Democratic National Conventions, when a Monmouth University poll gave Clinton a slim 3-point margin over Trump.” (Source)

So what is the key demographic that absolutely cannot stand the thought of Donald Trump as president? The same one that went for Mitt Romney in 2012, even though he lost the election in a blowout.

If Mitt Romney lost as badly as he did in 2012 with college-educated white women, can you imagine how badly Donald Trump could lose in 2016 with this massive 30 point deficit? This won’t just doom the alleged billionaire, but it will likely devastate down-ballot Republicans, especially in blue or purple states who already have a hard enough time staying in office as it is.

Then add in his popularity with the far-right, Neo-Nazis and the KKK, and it’s no wonder why his poll numbers are as dismal as they are. If you think it’s bad in August, he still has almost three more months to dig his hole even deeper.



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