Transgender People Aren’t A Threat To Kids, But Conservatives Are

After the Supreme Court settled the gay marriage issue, the religious right decided to declare war on transgender people next. Recent state laws in North Carolina and across other parts of the Bible Belt have sought to demonize the transgender community for the sake of political gain and re-energizing the culture wars.

Religious conservatives have preached from the pulpit and floors of government about the supposed danger of transgender people sharing bathrooms with women and children. They want their supporters to believe that transgender people are a direct threat to their families in Target or school locker rooms, but the religious right conveniently ignores the real danger from predators who wear the clerical collar.

Here is one example. The pastor of a local Catholic Church here in Louisiana that my family sometimes attends was just busted for child pornography.

The pastor of St. Bernard Roman Catholic Church in Breaux Bridge was arrested Wednesday on 500 counts of possessing child pornography, images believed to have been found when he brought his personal computer in for repairs, according to the Diocese of Lafayette and State Police.

The Rev. F. David Broussard, who also oversees St. Bernard School, has been placed on administrative leave pending the investigation, said Bishop J. Douglas Deshotel.

Deshotel said Broussard, 50, has served as pastor at St. Bernard for two years and has served as a priest for 23 years. (Source)

This is just the latest scandal for the Diocese of Lafayette which has a troubled history of priests preying on children. Rather than address the issue and turn over the predatory priests to authorities, the diocese instead moved them around and covered up the scandals as best they could.

The same Catholic bishops denounced the 2015 Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage, despite their sordid history of looking the other way on cases of priests and lay people using their positions to prey on children. Yet, they want us to believe that transgender and gay people are the real threat to kids? Give me a fucking break.

To be fair, it isn’t just Catholics. The far-right Christian Dominionist movement that the Duggar family belongs to also has a track record of sexually exploiting kids. These are the same people right-wing lawmakers like Ted Cruz rely on to fight their culture wars against the LGBT community, while covering up their own horrific abuse of innocent kids.

As long as the religious community continues to ignore and hide the crimes in their midst, they have no moral high ground to speak out against the rights of transgender people. I’m not worried about transgender folks as a threat to my children, it’s the religious right that has me scared as hell.



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