Wake the Fuck Up America: Trump Is Turning Our Government Into A Fascist Regime In Broad Daylight

Ugh. I can’t believe I’m writing a piece with the phrase “Wake Up” in it…but, well Trumpian times call for desperate measures. There’s a mantra I’ve come up with that I think rational, intelligent adults living in the United States should probably get pretty comfortable with repeating ad nauseum until whenever it is the universe does us a solid and gets Trump out of the White House. It goes like this:

This is not normal. This is not right. This is not American values.

It is not normal that federal agencies would be kept from hiding information that is not vital to national security from the public. Sean Spicer, White House Press Secretary, told reporters this morning that the tweets from the EPA and the parks service that have been deleted were done so under the direction of the departments themselves, and that Trump had nothing to do with it. That smells like bullshit to me, and I’ll tell you why.

For starters, it’s really slimy political double-talk to say that the agencies themselves are the ones cracking down. Trump’s administration oversees these federal agencies. He’s the one who — I’m presuming — gets to put people in charge of those agencies. There is no chance that someone from the Obama years told the parks service or the EPA to lock down information on climate change from hitting the public.

And while we’re still waiting to find out who exactly is behind it, there has been a rogue national parks account on Twitter created. It’s presenting itself as the work of a couple of actual employees of the parks department. I’m not going to tell you all definitively this is actually what it claims to be, but here some of their tweets for you to judge for yourself.

Even if the directive to hide climate change information from the public didn’t come from Trump directly, it’s still a policy being instituted within his administration. How many times did Republicans bitch over the last eight years when someone in some random department did something and Obama didn’t take action? How much did we have to hear during the bullshit IRS scandal investigations that the president is responsible for how federal agencies are run, in terms of both orders and the climate and culture?

Our new Secretary of State is an oil baron for the most part. Are you really telling me that he’d have no stake in making sure the federal government suppresses data on the impact that the oil industry has on the environment? If you want me to believe that no one in his billionaire cabinet raised a stink enough to have the tweets deleted, you’ll have to sell me a whole different line of bullshit than “it didn’t come from the president.”

The bottom line here is kinda simple, isn’t it? We want more information from our government, not less. We’re entitled to it. Our government is us, and we are our government. Any directive to stifle data or information better be done with only our safety in mind. And considering the dangers of ignoring climate change, that doesn’t really seem like the case here, does it?

This is not normal. This is not right. This is not American values.

It should really fucking concern you that your government is trying to stifle itself from telling you about the damage being done to our ecosystem. This is not a right or left issue. Being intentionally pushed away from the truth by your government is absolutely, positively the worst fucking thing for us as a society. The definition of fascism is a hard-right regime that chokes dissent. Well, to this group of rich entitled assholes climate change reality is dissent.

Maybe some tweets from federal agencies being deleted aren’t the smoking gun evidence of a fascistic state being implemented. But when you take them into account alongside the openly hostile and combative nature the president has with the press, and how he’s choosing which media outlets to work with based on how nice they are to him, it doesn’t bode well for my confidence that we’re not headed for a truly dark time of censorship and thought policing.

And it was all ushered in by voters who were just so convinced they had to stop that woman with the emails being president. They were so worried about her foreign ties that they elected the guy that a foreign country wanted to help them elect. The creeping fascism this country is facing comes thanks wholly to the Trump voters who sacrificed American liberty and autonomy to stop the insipid liberal agenda of “treating people like their skin color, religion, or preferred sexual gratification method aren’t the only things that matter about a person.”

I’m so disgusted with this country right now I could gag on my own righteous indignation.

This is not normal. This is not right. This is not American values.

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