Trump Supporters Want To #BoycottHawaii, Hawaii Couldn’t Care Less

A federal judge in Hawaii has blocked Donald Trump’s latest immigration ban that unfairly targets Muslims, including Afghan translators who have helped our military. His former ban was struck down, and this latest ruling is another judicial slapdown against an administration that is already making Saturday Night Live great again.

Naturally, Trump supporters took to Twitter to start the hashtag #BoycottHawaii, because nothing says impotent rage like boycotting a place you probably couldn’t afford to visit in the first place. Also, Hawaii is where President Obama has been spending quite a few of his days since he left the White House in Trump’s tiny hands.

#BoycottHawaii went about as well as you might have guessed. In fact, it completely backfired as liberals hijacked the hashtag in defense of Hawaii which isn’t having any of Trump’s stupid immigration bans.

Here are a few of the hilarious responses to #BoycottHawaii. Be sure to follow these folks if you’re on Twitter.

Many of the Trump supporters I know here in Louisiana are either out of work, or underemployed to where they can’t afford a weekend trip to Florida, let alone Hawaii. Making empty threats on Twitter about boycotting places or things you wouldn’t go to anyhow deserves all the mocking you will get. Bless your heart.



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