Trump’s Hatred For Muslims Sounds Exactly Like The Beginning Of The Holocaust

It’s no secret that hatred and distrust for Muslims was a cornerstone of many Republican candidates for president in 2016. Failed contenders like Rick Santorum, Bobby Jindal, Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz tried to stoke the fears of Islamophobia – but Donald Trump was the one who managed to successfully leverage that xenophobia all the way to the White House.

Since the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Muslims in America have been vilified for the actions of a few Islamic extremists. People who aren’t even Muslims, like American Sikhs have been attacked and even murdered, simply for being mistaken for being Muslims.

Because of a few attacks in the United States and abroad, the groundwork has been laid for public acceptance of mass detention, deportation, and even our own version of the Holocaust. In tonight’s interview with David Muir, Trump doubled down on the fear and mistrust of people from the Middle East and claimed “the world is a mess.”

One historical event does not exactly copy a preceding historical event, but history does repeat itself, especially when it comes to acts of genocide. The parallels to the Holocaust are eerily similar, although it won’t be my fellow Jews who are likely to suffer this time.

Trump has aligned himself with the hard-line conservatives in Israel and his own son-in-law is an Orthodox Jew. Even though his most racist Neo-Nazi and KKK supporters hate Jews, Trump understands that the religious right in America has a love affair with the Jewish people because of their delusional End Times beliefs that require support for Israel for the time being.

But as for Muslims, that is a whole different story. The racist right and the religious right both hate Muslims, and there is enough support from even moderately conservative Republicans who would be fine with discrimination against people who follow the Islamic religion in America.

The Holocaust didn’t start right away with putting Jews in death camps. It began with the systematic demonizing and dehumanizing of Jewish people. The German people were taught that Jews sought to undermine their society through Bolshevism and many Germans remember the recent war they fought against Russia which was now communist.

Just as Trump paints Muslims as enemies of America today, so the Nazis portrayed Jews as enemies of the state. Once the public could accept the marginalization of Jews because they were a hostile population, the extermination of six million without an uproar was possible.

If you don’t believe me, watch this video on the Holocaust and then let me know if you still believe this can’t happen here in Trump’s America.



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