Voter Intimidation Is The Last Gasp Of Southern White Rage

Voter intimidation is being encouraged by Donald Trump, Alex Jones and David Duke. They are asking their supporters to stand at the polls and do everything they can to stop “voter fraud” which is nothing more than a coded phrase for keeping minorities from exercising their constitutional rights.

These individuals refer to their base of support as “the silent majority.” Donald Trump and David Duke claim that they represent a majority of Americans, which might have been true a few decades ago, but certainly not in 2016.

Last night in Mississippi, a black church was set on fire and the words “Vote Trump” were spray-painted on the side of the burning building.

In battleground states across the country, the Trump campaign is asking for volunteers to watch the polls. Their tactics are little more than voter intimidation, and the GOP has been taken to court for it.

It isn’t just Republican Party planning to engage in voter intimidation, Neo-Nazi activists are planning to keep minorities from the polls as well.

Despite Trump’s claims that American democracy is compromised by massive voter fraud, so far in this election only one person — a Trump supporter in Iowa who attempted to vote twice — has been arrested for it. That has not stopped fringe groups already inclined to believe that minorities are stealing the election from heeding Trump’s call to monitor voting in “certain areas.”

In an email, Anglin, the editor of the neo-Nazi Daily Stormer website, said he had already led a “big voter registration drive” and that he was “sending an army of Alt-Right nationalists to watch the polls.” Anglin said he was working in conjunction with the alt-right website TheRightStuff.Biz. (Source)

Why can’t people just be allowed to vote as they see fit? Why must Donald Trump scream and stomp his feet about voter fraud when there are far more women accusing him of sexual assault than there are recently documented cases of people actually cheating at the polls?

Duke, Trump, Jones and others have to rely on voter intimidation because people who share their ideology are dying off rapidly. Not only is their power in swing states disappearing, but liberals have started to make inroads in former Klan strongholds like Georgia, North Carolina and even David Duke’s home state of Louisiana.

2016 is their last chance to hold on to a right-wing conservative control of the government, because the demographics of the United States will have changed even more against them in 2020 and beyond. They’re already outnumbered, and they know it.



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