Why Is Radical Islamic Terrorism So Important When We Have Radical Christian Terrorism In America?

Remember how conservatives complained so much that President Obama would not use the term “radical Islamic terrorism” to describe Al-Qaeda, ISIS and other terrorism groups? It was if refusal to use that phrase was the missing cornerstone in our fight against these despical entities, even though Obama was the president that sent Bin Laden to Davey Jones’ locker.

Terrorism is terrorism, regardless of the religion or other reason used to justify it. You can decapitate someone or set them on fire in the name of Islam, or you can bomb women’s health clinics in the name of Christianity, or shoot up a Sikh temple based on Nazi beliefs – but all of these acts are terrorism.

The teachings of all religions can be interpreted to follow the Golden Rule. Islam, Judaism, Christianity and other belief systems are similar in passages that tell people to take care of others. They have far more passages in them telling believers to feed the poor, help the sick, and just be a decent human being.

As an atheist who was raised as a Catholic, I’ve read the Bible many times over. There are a lot of screwed up ideas in the Old Testament, but Christians usually say that the old laws were null and void with Jesus – except when conservatives want to dip back into Leviticus to condemn gay people while ignoring the other rules from that book. The same goes for Jews and Muslims also.

The fascist dictatorship of Fransisco Franco was based on restoring “traditional values.” The same beliefs were promoted in Italy under Mussolini, and under Hitler to some extent. In every case, these horrible ideas were used to justify the killings of millions of people.

Today, white nationalists and the KKK interpret Christianity in order to promote their agenda of hatred towards non-whites. Some Jews belief their faith tells them to treat Palestinians badly and take their land. Islamic terrorists tell the world that the Koran calls for the conversion or killing of non-believers, and conservatives of all religions claim their beliefs allow the hatred and discrimination of the LGBT community

I’m not trying to take away from the fanaticism of Islamic extremists, but let’s not pretend it is a phenomenon confined solely to the followers of Muhammed, and not Jesus Christ. If you believe that your god wants you to kill or hate people who don’t share the exact same beliefs as you, you aren’t a person of faith, you’re a piece of shit.



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