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Dick Cheney Endorses Donald Trump For His Waterboarding Comments After Belgium Attack

Donald Trump picks up a yooge endorsement from a fellow a-hole.

Dick Cheney Finally Admits the Truth Has a Liberal Bias

Dick Cheney declares the whole thinking world "liberal Democrats."

Dick Cheney Offers to Give Donald Trump Shooting Lessons

Dick Cheney wants to teach Donald Trump how to shoot someone like a president, or co-president, should.

Serious Question: Just How Much Nazi Dick Does Donald Trump Suck?

If you're a Nazi, President Donald Trump condemns you. Until you need to vote on Election Day. Then he un-condemns you. Lucky you!

Ted Cruz: ‘Carly Fiorina will bring back the Cheney tradition of lying pieces of...

Ted Cruz is thinking of tapping Carly Fiorina for his VP.

Pelosi Politely Tells Trump He Can Fuck Himself and Deliver the State of the...

Donald Trump is clearly a man who thinks he gets what he wants, whenever he wants. A lifetime of never being held accountable, no...

Chelsea Manning Will Be Going Home Early. Thanks, Obama. No, Really, Thanks.

After spending seven years behind bars for exposing war crimes committed in Iraq, Chelsea Manning will be going home early.

Hey Anti-Abortion Whackjobs: Chickens, Cows, Ducks, and Pigs All Have Heartbeats. We EAT Them.

Anti-Abortion forces in Ohio are using fetal heartbeats to force women into giving up reproductive rights.

When It Comes To Team Trump, I Plan To Fight Fire With Fire And...

For as much as Trump conservatives make fun of and mock progressives over safe spaces, it really does seem like they're the ones who...

We Should Fear Anti-Vaxxers More Than Al Qaeda and ISIS Combined

At least Al Qaeda and ISIS aren't running around demanding people stop vaccinating their children against plague-like diseases.