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Dear Sarah Palin: It's Conservatives That Have a "Twisted Second Amendment Mission"

A response to dopey Sarah Palin's Facebook status about Obama and gun control.

Dean of Wal*Mart School of Law ‘Tremendously Proud’ of Alum Sarah Palin’s New...

Sarah Palin's new gig has someone from her past quite happy for her.

A Rebuttal of Sarah Palin’s Insane Stupidity About Immigrants

A fervent rebuttal of Sarah Palin's "gift basket" line about immigrants.

Trump: Sarah Palin’s Courtroom TV Show ‘Yoogely Qualifies’ Her for SCOTUS Seat

Sarah Palin's new reality TV gig has Donald Trump eyeing her to replace Justice Scalia.

Dear Sarah Palin: Fuck You. ‘Punk-Ass Thuggery’ is a Sucker Punch, Not a Protest

Sarah Palin has no idea what punk-ass thuggery is, though if she opened her eyes, she'd get a clue.

Sarah Palin: I Saw American Muslims Celebrating From My Backyard on 9/11

Sarah Palin rides to Donald Trump's rhetorical rescue.

Trump to Offer Sarah Palin Secretary of ‘Educationizing’ Cabinet Position

Trump wants Sarah Palin in a very important role in his new administration.

Sarah Palin Tastes Savannah Guthrie’s Boot Through Her Rectum

Sarah Palin shows up on "Today" and gets a tasty treat of Savannah Guthrie's boot in her ass.

Sarah Palin: Why Does Obama Keep Getting Bristol Pregnant?

Sara Palin is pretty sure the president knocked-up her daughter, but is this the first time?

5 Reasons Sarah Palin’s Endorsement Will Win Donald Trump the Presidency

Sarah Palin just cost Donald Trump the election by endorsing him...or did she?